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Technology is used in agriculture with increasing success and enables producers to become more efficient in crop production.
At Soil2Root Technologies we assist the grower in understanding these technologies and how to use them to become more efficient in daily agriculture activities.

Drone Technology

Drone technology is relatively new in fruit production, but it has several uses on farms.
Aerial survey can generate accurate reproduction of Digital Terrain Models (DTM) which includes the generation of contours in three-dimensional elevation models, using photogrammetric methods with wide-angle camera and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) mounted on the drone to map large areas for agricultural planning and slope analysis. This technology can also be used for NDVI imagery of orchards.

Fruitlook Technology

Fruitlook is satellite-based technology, funded by the Western Cape Department of Agriculture and operated by eLeaf from the Netherlands. This technology provides weekly satellite-generated imagery from September to April providing useful information, for example, on biomass production and variability in the orchard.
With this indicator, deviation from the normal growth pattern can be detected ahead of time and used to evaluate orchard performance over the season.

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

Global Positioning Systems or GPS technology is widely used in several industries and aids in accurately defining the position of a soil body based on the GPS location of the soil profiles. Block layout design is based on these coordinates and allows the soil scientist, together with the irrigation designer and producer, to accurately plan the orchard layout based on the position of the soil types.

Soil Moisture Probes

Soil Moisture Probes or Continuous Logging Soil Capacitance Probes, is an established technology that provides real-time data on the soil moisture status of a particular representative location in the orchard. The ideal soil moisture status for a particular soil can be determined due to the large amount of data generated over time. This data is represented graphically and, from the withdrawal patterns, full and refill lines can be determined. This would allow the producer to irrigate fruit trees accurately.

Soil Scanning

 EM38 Soil Scanning Technology is relatively new to South Africa and not as yet a widely used technology in fruit production. The technology provides for the reproduction of highly accurate spacial data on the variability of soils at two depths. Since the data generated is geographically referenced, it is used to accurately define soil variability for block design and amelioration.