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The calculation of fruit tree nutrition requirement is specialised and tailored for individual blocks according to specific cultivar requirements. Fruit tree nutrition requires the precise amount of macro- and micronutrients at the correct growth stage to optimize fruit yield and quality.

At Soil2Root Technologies both macro- and micronutrient requirements are met with a combination of block specific, fertiliser, foliar and lime programs. Block specific nutritional programs are generated by interpretation of block specific data collected over several years.

Fertiliser Programs

At Soil2Root Technologies, fertiliser programs are generated each season based on the history of the specific block to ensure that block nutrient requirements are met and accurate quantities of fertiliser are applied. Since fruit set can vary, fertiliser programs are adjusted in season after an on-site farm visit. To ensure that a block has adequate reserves to set, the in season’s crop leaf samples are taken at the end of January.
Together with yield estimates, the autumn fertiliser program requirements are adjusted to optimize reserves.

Foliar Programs

Foliar Programs are supplied for summer and autumn periods. In summer, both macro- and micronutrient foliar sprays are recommended at specific growth stages in order to meet crop demand. During autumn, only nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, boron and copper requirements are addressed based on the leaf analyses taken in January.

Lime Programs

In fruit tree production, soil pH, calcium and magnesium levels are very important and need to be maintained at ideal levels. Given the high variability in soils in the Western Cape, it is critical to base recommendations on soil data over several years.

At Soil2Root Technologies we calculate and provide accurate lime programs specifically for your unique soil.